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4 Forgotten 90s Punk Bands

In the spirit of genuine nostalgia, let’s talk about the ’90s, an era often overshadowed by the preceding punk heyday. A time of MTV, grunge, and flannel shirts. But there was another side to the ’90s: the lesser-known punk bands who rocked the basements and local clubs, who, although often forgotten, kept the spirit of punk alive.

One of those bands, “Jawbreaker“, hailed from San Francisco. Their lyrics were raw, their sound was rough, and their attitude? Pure punk. They talked about things we could all relate to: heartbreak, social alienation, and angst. They were honest and open, and that’s something we don’t see enough of today.

Then there was “Screeching Weasel” from Chicago. These guys brought punk back to its basics: fast, loud, and rebellious. Their music was a slap in the face, a wake-up call that punk wasn’t dead—it had just moved underground.

Let’s not forget about “7 Year Bitch“, an all-women punk band from Seattle. Their songs were gritty and angry, giving voice to the female experience in a way many other bands didn’t. They played loud, they played hard, and they reminded everyone that punk wasn’t just a boys’ club.

Finally, we come to “Samiam” from Berkeley. These guys blended punk with emotional lyrics and melodies, paving the way for what would become emo-punk. They were ahead of their time, and their music still resonates today.

Each of these bands played a part in the ’90s punk scene. They might not have been on MTV or headlining big festivals, but they were real, they were honest, and they kept the spirit of punk alive.

This summer, why not revisit these forgotten gems of the ’90s punk scene? Turn up the volume, let the raw chords and passionate lyrics wash over you, and remember what punk is really about: honesty, rebellion, and individuality.

Keep the spirit alive.

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